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The happiness of your children is important to us.
In our establishment, we provide activities that ensure their enjoyment and safety throughout their vacation.
Indulge in an unforgettable family holiday at our child-friendly hotel, complete with a tailored children's menu and engaging activities curated for our young guests.



At the aqua park, delight in an abundance of amusement! Our hotel's Aquatower and Aquapark boast an array of water slides and enjoyable pools, ensuring an unforgettable vacation experience.
Designed for both adults and children, our water park and slides offer a wealth of fun on hot summer days, allowing you to relish the refreshing pool and entertaining water slides!


We bring smiles to your children's faces. The amusement park at our hotel is the perfect destination for creating cherished moments filled with joy and excitement! It's a place where families can come together to relish the happiness of their children.
Moreover, our amusement park, just as every child dreams of, is open to all guests free of charge.



At our animal-friendly hotel, you can meet the endearing residents of our animal enclosure, observe them up close, and share delightful moments with them.
Our animal companions on the farm are eager to gift our hotel guests moments brimming with love and joy.



To craft an unforgettable holiday experience for your children, we introduce a dedicated open buffet tailored to their taste and desire for entertainment. Within a magical ambiance, vibrant buffets, thoughtfully crafted decorations, and enjoyable demonstrations await our young guests during meal times.

Children’s Buffet